6th Student Conference – Saturday, February 12th 2022

Negation & the English Verb Phrase

This is the fourth REEL Day jointly held by linguists from the University of Mainz and the University of Frankfurt. The conference gives students a chance to discuss the results of their research projects with their peers.

Invited Speaker

Dr. Morgan Macleod
Ulster University

Postverbal Negation in Present-Day English
Postverbal negation (e.g. I know not) is often described as ungrammatical within Present-Day English, and new examples are considered simply as marginal archaisms. However, corpus data show that the use of such constructions has actually been on the rise since the mid-twentieth century. The simplest explanation for such an increase is that a lexical split has occurred, and that the not in such constructions is different from the not in I do not know. However, the origins of such a split pose unresolved problems for the development negation in English and of syntactic variability in general.


All talks are given live via Microsoft Teams.

Channel 1
10.00–10.10 Welcome
10.10–10.40 Dr. Morgan Macleod (Ulster University)
Postverbal Negation in Present-Day English

Channel 1
Chair: Matthias Eitelmann
Channel 2
Chair: Manfred Sailer
10.45–11.15 Jana Gutmann, Nicola Herz, Johanna Stachofsky, Olivia Ufer (JGU Mainz)
Ain't it always the same? – A Diachronic Corpus-based Study on Non-Standard Negation in British TV Shows
Lucas Berker, Sofia Dall Olio, Francoise Rubina Mann, Maximilian Spall (JGU Mainz)
They danced the night away – A corpus-based analysis of the TIME-away construction
11.15–11.45 Katarina Alsbach, Selin Cinar, Sebastian Hirsch, Peri Ann Houk (JGU Mainz)
“She elbows her way to the forefront” – A corpus-based analysis on the productivity and usage of the way-construction in PDE
Johanna Christoffels, Rene Kern, Friederike Prillwitz, Lara Weber (JGU Mainz)
I had better go or I’d better go? – A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Evolution of better Constructions in American English
11.45–12.05 Work-in-progress report
Adriana Cristiano, Alessandra Aliberti, Francesca Apolloni, Konstantina Kypraki (GU Frankfurt)
Nobody is not Anybody: A Corpus Analysis to English Negation
Work-in-progress report
Francesca Marini, Johanna Scarongella, Fabiana De Luca, Vanessa Brown (GU Frankfurt)
English hope vs German hoffen:Looking for a semantic-pragmatic motivation for Neg Raising

Channel 1
Chair: Manfred Sailer
Channel 2
Chair: Ulrike Schneider
13.00–13.30 Sara Baldini, Robin Böhler, Joshua Dassow, Mihriban Virit (JGU Mainz)
Linguists Living Their Lives – Use and Modification of Cognate Object Constructions
Herbert Javin Caleb Brand, Helena Frankenberger, Sara Rainoldi, Luca Ringel (JGU Mainz)
“Shakespeare sells well. – but is he also selling well?” A corpus-based analysis of the progressive constraint on middle-construction
13.30–14.00 Jonas Blatt, Kai Eppler, Korbinian Siffrin, Harun Yelkovan (JGU Mainz)
“Floor it, baby!” – A corpus-based investigation of empty it-constructions
Daniel Alvarez, Michael Fischer, Sonja Schander, Janina Schumacher, Simiye Volkan, Parham Ziai (JGU Mainz)
Our Lecturer Lured Us into Doing a Project – A Diachronic Analysis of the into-Causative Construction
14.00-14.30 Georges-Philippe Ahanda, Jacqueline Böhm, Leonie Creuzberger, Leah Richardt, Maxym Sheykhetov (JGU Mainz)
Gonna and wanna: A Quantitative Corpus-Based Study on the Emancipation of Contractions

14.30-14.40 Channel 1


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