Information for exam candidates

Students who wish to take their final exam with me are advised to observe the following points:

  • Take part in my Examenskolloquium
  • See me at least 6 months before the exam during my office hours
  • The selection of topics available for the oral exams can be found on the English Linguistics Website.
  • Once the topics have been decided on, Ms. Dinger adds you to the list of exam candidates, which guarantees that I will act as your examiner.
  • At a later stage you will fetch the official form issued by the ‘Prüfungsamt’, which is signed by all examiners.

You might find the following suggestions useful:

  • Practise speaking extensively and coherently on a topic without assistance (for up to 5 min.)
  • Practise marshalling your thoughts round a small number of points (mind-map, etc.)
  • Practise responding flexibly to awkward or unexpected questions
  • Run a mock exam with a student in a similar situation